Ann Arbor’s Perisense Inc. developing hybrid software/hardware products

ANN ARBOR –Perisense Inc. is a manufacturing analytics start-up in Ann Arbor, MI developing hybrid software/hardware products to retrofit legacy equipment for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Significant changes in manufacturing, enterprise software, machine monitoring and data analysis, known as “Manufacturing 4.0”, are drastically increasing the amount of data manufacturers need to remain competitive. By using Perisense products, manufacturers can gain better visibility of their data to improve quality and results.

The Perisense solution stands out for its low cost and high value. Retrofit sensor nodes gather, format and send machine performance data to a secure cloud-based server that supplies instant alerts, time-based reports and shares data with other enterprise solutions.

“Our unique product is a scalable, robust end-to-end solution for acquiring and analyzing legacy machine data at an affordable cost,” said Dawn White, CEO and Founder of Perisense. “Installation takes only 15-20 minutes and in many cases can be conducted while the equipment is running.”

Perisense acquires data at higher resolution than competitors and can integrate data from multiple plants and locations. The company’s exceptional software team has produced proprietary edge computing and copyrighted software for efficient data transfer between sensors and the datacenter, while supporting immediate alerts as required by users.

“As compared to other options we’ve tried, I found Perisense’s solution simple to integrate and a useful, reliable source of insight into our operations,” said Doug Wetzel, Managing Director of Protomatic.

For inquiries about Perisense products, please contact the company at or visit the company website at

About Perisense

Perisense is an Ann Arbor-based startup providing valuable information about the performance and productivity of legacy manufacturing assets. Our mission is to create value through visibility by providing a simplified solution. Perisense products collect and convert data into actionable intelligence at a low cost for a high value. Industrial manufacturers can put their mind at ease with our simple sensor nodes to do all of the hard work for them. For more information on Perisense, visit us at


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